After Party Shots

After Party Shots was a web based organization located in NYC, Montreal and Toronto. They created a niche service which provided the social network centric 18-28 demographic the ability to throw events which fused beautifully with sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram and blog platforms like wordpress and tumblr. APS (After Party Shots) enlisted the services of photographers and party planners to craft unique events, and coupled with their web based platform these events would be promoted online, photographed and recorded to be posted on social networks to drive interest in products, events or people. 

After Party Shots required a mark that symbolized this unique service as well as their demographic - young, energetic people that enjoyed partying, throwing events, sharing pictures, and had a large following as well as being active on social networks and blogs. This mark captures all of that - most obvious a camera front and center which is immediately recognized and memorized - but to set it apart for the millions of camera logos the lens was crafted to have a face with a slightly buzzed/happy expression. ​Lastly the flash at the top of the camera is shaped to resemble a shot glass. Predominately the demographic for APS is female and this needed to ring true with the colours without screaming barbie. The two-color combo of a rich, vibrant pink and a deep purple as a base keeps this female focused without scaring off the boys too bold for pink.