We were assigned a task to develop a brand for a Restaurant that could be viable for the Exchange District in Winnipeg, MB. This is my solution, a Bar & Grill named Lingo. Where the entire essence of its existence is communication and socializing. The word Lingo is described as a specific slang. For example, graphic designers have their own lingo when referring to design, typography, creating, etc. And the same applies to cultures and other industries. The Identity needed to resonate this, and I achieved that by developing a custom wordmark that fragments in the letterforms with soundwaves. The concept is, at any given time particular segments of the letterforms can be removed or displaced but the mark as a whole will still be identifiable. This creates a larger relationship with customers, as unique patterns can be formed using color, fragments of the wordmark and the soundwaves and instantaneously the consumer would identify it, or develop a curious interest in the brand to discover more about it. Examples of this can be seen in the business cards, and t-shirts.