The Bargain Shop

This hypothetical rebrand was developed through a case study assignment. To take a local business and recreate their image for the better. Currently, TBS The Bargain Shop is a weak brand, their identity, signage and website are entirely inconsistent, and send the wrong message to consumers. Looking at their current storefronts one would have never guessed that TBS has a deep, rich Canadian history with more then 80 years under its belt. 

My objective was to make TBS competitive in a world where Walmarts and Targets are reigning supreme. TBS needed to be that retailer that felt strong, simple and family orientated. To do so the logo needed to be simplified and consistent. TBS needed to be the memorable element and the tagline "Better Living for Less" needed to resonate in this mark. As a whole, minimalism needed to be adopted. I achieved this by crafting custom letterforms that were friendly, legible, and inviting, by incasing it in a circle which is simple and organic in everyday life. The mark screams ease of use, the color remains the same as to continue to the same message that prices are low.